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19 June 2014 @ 10:18 pm
Disney - Winner  
Title: Get Set
Fandom: Disney - Treasure Planet/Aladdin
Prompt: Winner
Pairing: Jim/Aladdin
Words: 409
Rating: R

“Sooo,” Aladdin drawls, arms crossed over his chest, a smirk on his face. “What’s in it for the winner? By which, of course, I mean me.” The smirk turns into a full grin then, flash of white teeth, and Jim narrows his eyes, so damn hungry for it.

This is stupid, but there’s no way he’s backing down. Fresh out of the Academy, and he probably shouldn’t be getting into an illegal race straight away, but to hell with it. Aladdin’s cocky, so sure of himself, and it makes switches flip in Jim’s mind, wanting the challenge.

Doesn’t help that Aladdin’s wearing this ridiculous little waistcoat that covers nothing, and Jim gets a flash of toned abs and dusky nipples and, fuck, there’s no way he’s walking away from this.

His heel kicks at the ignition of his solar surfer, and it roars beneath him, as ready for this as Jim himself. Aladdin raises an eyebrow, bobbing in midair, the magic carpet he’s riding rolling a little, showing off.

There’s heat in Jim’s belly and excitement in his blood, and he’s missed the feeling so much it hurts.

“How about this?” he offers, and the way Aladdin looks at him, it makes him want to be reckless. “Loser gets on their knees for the winner.”

Heart thudding in his chest, cock already getting harder beneath his clothes just for the thought of it. But he knows he’s pushing it, he knows it’s too far the moment the words are out of his mouth.

Aladdin’s eyes widen, and Jim’s screwed it all up, just like always.

But then Aladdin’s letting out a low breath, flush beginning to stain his cheeks. Hand dropping to his crotch, adjusting himself through his trousers, like Jim’s suggestion is enough to make him need that touch, and Jim wants to grab him, wants to taste him. Doesn’t care if he wins or loses, he just wants to feel the weight of Aladdin’s cock against his tongue, mouth watering a little for it.

“Deal,” Aladdin nods, and he’s not grinning anymore. He looks a little awed by Jim, and so obviously turned-on that it’s making Jim’s lust crest higher just to see the way Aladdin’s gaze rakes over his body.

“Okay then,” Jim smirks, revving the surfer, focus settling into place the same way it always does when he’s about to go flying, no matter how distracting Aladdin’s body may be. “Ready … Steady … Go!”