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03 July 2014 @ 10:18 pm
Disney - Past  
Title: Twisted Timestream
Fandom: Disney - Meet The Robinsons
Prompt: Past
Pairing: Wilbur/Lewis
Words: 499
Rating: PG
Notes: Incest

Wilbur visits Lewis as often as he’s able. Of course, Lewis isn’t Lewis anymore, he’s been called Cornelius since after that first meeting between them, since that fateful science fair. But Wilbur still calls him Lewis, because it separates him in Wilbur’s mind from his dad.

Maybe that’s a mistake.

Because no matter how many ways Lewis might remind him of the man he’s going to grow up to be, it’s far too easy to see him as just Wilbur’s best friend. No matter how many times he should see his dad in Lewis’ habits or the way he talks or even when he flat-out tells Wilbur, pulling dad rank in an argument just to see Wilbur huff and roll his eyes, Wilbur lets himself forget in the moment.

Such a mistake.

He doesn’t realise it until the first time their lips touch.

Wilbur times his visits carefully. Letting as much time pass for Lewis as it has for him, so there’s always the same age gap between them, so they get to grow up together. It’s a lazy summer afternoon, and Lewis has just finished an invention Wilbur recognises from his own time, although he doesn’t admit that. He’s messed with the timestream enough for one lifetime, he’s content to trust Lewis to keep moving forward without additional steering.

They’re lying on the grass together, talking about nothing and everything, and Wilbur isn’t thinking when he rolls on to his side, when he presses close. Almost sixteen, growing taller every day, and he isn’t thinking, he isn’t thinking. Lewis’ face turns towards him, and Wilbur kisses him, soft and sweet, and it’s not until that exact moment that he realises he’s in love with his best friend.

His best friend who’s going to grow up to be his father, and the noise Wilbur hears himself make is barely human as he throws himself backwards, panic in his chest, palms skidding through the dirt as he moves.

Lewis looks at him with dazed eyes, but there’s clarity creeping in at the edges already, and Wilbur is on his feet and sprinting for the time machine before Lewis can open his mouth to speak.

In his own time, his dad doesn’t look at him strangely or even acknowledge that something happened between them. But it’s still over eighteen months before the loneliness get too bad, before Wilbur steels himself to go back.

Lewis is angry at him, which is no more than Wilbur deserves. But it’s not for the kiss, it can’t be, because Lewis’ arms are around him in an instant, and his mouth is hot and hungry against Wilbur’s own.

Wilbur whimpers and holds Lewis close and kisses back with everything he has.

When he returns home, his dad still doesn’t look at him with anything other than his usual parental affection, but Wilbur’s stomach still twists to see him.

But it doesn’t stop him from going back into the past the next day, going back for more.