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19 July 2014 @ 10:37 pm
Disney - Wealth  
Title: Gleefully Outmanoeuvred
Fandom: Disney - Frozen/The Princess And The Frog
Prompt: Wealth
Pairing: Hans/Charlotte
Words: 499
Rating: R

His name is mud, of course. His family may have saved Hans from jail, no doubt out of shame more than anything like forgiveness, but he’s shunned from high society, sneered at throughout the Southern Isles.

Hans is forced to concede defeat. He’ll never have a throne of his own, every royal family across every kingdom knows of what transpired in Arendelle.

But that doesn’t mean he intends to live out his days in squalor. He may never be a king, but he’ll damn well be comfortable, and he leaves home knowing he won’t be missed.

New Orleans isn’t his first stop, but there’s something about the muggy, oppressive heat that appeals to him. He’s detested the cold since meeting Elsa, and although he’s sweating beneath his dress uniform, he feels at ease.

The ball is hosted by some tycoon who owns half the city and, more importantly, has a daughter. Her name is Charlotte, and Hans is expecting some horrid spinster of a woman, to be as rich as she is and unwed, but he’s surprised to find she’s gorgeous, blonde and leggy with eye-catching curves.

“Are you really a prince?” she asks, eying him with interest.

There are likely people out there who no longer consider his title valid, but he’s never been officially excommunicated, so it’s not even a lie when he nods and bows deeply. He intends to lavish her with attention and compliments, but Charlotte’s already taking hold of his arm, dragging him towards the dance floor like a woman on a mission.

Hans is wary, after his experience with Anna, to assume it could be that easy, but obviously it is.

Their courtship is brief, and Charlotte has a ring on her finger within a month. Everything is going perfectly.

Right up until he’s woken in the night by Charlotte crawling into his bed, straddling his waist and pinning his shoulders with deceptively strong hands.

“I’ve been reading up on you,” she drawls, eyes glinting in the darkness. “Seems you have quite the unseemly reputation.”

Hans expects to be escorted from the estate, but instead she grins, leaning close, cleavage almost spilling from her nightgown.

“I’ll tell you what, gorgeous,” she purrs, hips wriggling a little against him, warm and teasing. “If you want to be mine, you’re going to have to earn your keep.”

Apparently Charlotte’s realised she’s the one with the upper hand in their relationship, and for a moment Hans is concerned, wondering what she’ll expect of him. Lord forbid she expects him to get a job.

But then she’s raising the skirt of her nightgown, revealing her to be bare underneath.

“Get to it,” she winks, and Hans grins, dragging her hips higher up his chest until her knees press into the pillows, until he can mouth between her legs.

Clearly he’s met his match, but this time defeat is sweet, rather than bitter. If this is how he’s expected to make himself useful, it’ll definitely be his pleasure.